Dear members,
As many of you know, we have recently seen the fairways and roughs around the course become extremely dry. With very little rain over the past couple of months, we have had difficulty keeping the course fully irrigated. Over the past year, we have not been able to spend the money necessary to keep the irrigation system up to full capacity but now we are.
The golf course has over 575 sprinkler heads throughout the course. In the short time that our new superintendent Danny has been on the job, he has been doing an audit on the sprinkler heads all over the course. So far we have identified more than 70 heads that need new parts or need to be completely replaced. Our irrigation pumps consist of two 50-horsepower water pumps. These pumps need a large amount of maintenance. After lengthy discussion at an emergency board meeting, it was decided to devote $30,000 to the rebuild of both pumps and rework as much as possible throughout the rest of the irrigation system. This should give our system a fresh start to help last for the next 10-15 years with continued regular maintenance. We expect that within 2-3 weeks all pumps will be fixed and operational. We are moving forward with fixing sprinkler heads and leaks but this is not a small project. This will happen over time as fast as we can. While all of the above will provide much-needed relief for our course this year, we feel we will be as close to a 100% operational irrigation system than ever before to start our season in the spring.
The club is in a financial position at this time that we will be paying for this out of our operational account. This means we are not going to take out any loans or lines of credit or asking for any additional money from our membership to pay for these repairs. All that we ask of you is to continue to support the club as you are currently doing. We are very excited for how our course will look after these much-needed repairs are complete.
Another topic of great interest is our maintenance equipment. We have a long list of new equipment that has been on order since the first week of July. We have patiently waited for these pieces to arrive. What we are missing while we wait for them to show up is our clean up mower. This mower is very important to the tee box surrounds and all of the clean-up areas around the course. We are now expecting this equipment to arrive by Friday this week.
With our new superintendent and the skills he brings to the table, a completely fixed irrigation system, and all new maintenance equipment…we feel that the upcoming years our course will be in a shape we have not seen in a long time.
Thank you all for your continued support.
General Manager Kyle Monk, PGA